Pink alpaca scarf


Blue landscape scarf


Saori scarf

Pink scarf

Alpaca black

Alpaca grey and blue

Blue scarf


  1. Prue the weaving is fantastic. I love the use of colour and texture.

  2. I belong to the facebook group The Australian Handspinners And Knitters Group. One of our girls popped a short video of you discribing Saori weaving and it sounds just right up my allie. Do you have a price list of what I would need to get started and is there an instruction cd available? Sorry so many questions. I live in Qld on my own in a very sml flat. I used to weave free form in the 70’s. Unfortunately I am not well so can only do certain amount each day. I still spin & knit but would love to get back to weaving. My main question is what would it cost to get started? Can I purchase from you?

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