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Join a SAORI workshop


Learn the wonderful art of SAORI Weaving and Bengala Natural Dye!

Step into the world of creating your very own sustainable textiles in a fun and easy workshop in weaving or natural dye.  Learn new skills, make your own amazing and unique textiles for clothing, to decorate your home or as a special handcrafted gift.

Discover the unique philosophy behind SAORI weaving and the great benefits to this freestyle form of weaving for your own self-discovery and awareness.

Immerse yourself in the pure joy of creativity and lose yourself on the loom as you delve into the world of colour, texture, patterns and free form creation.  Relish in the meditative movement of the shuttle and the loom and watch the evolution of your piece as you tap into your creative soul.

Enjoy the fun, social atmosphere of the studio and be inspired by other weavers!

Castlemaine class


Prue conducts a number of SAORI weaving workshops throughout Victoria.  To stay updated on new workshops and SAORI weaving events, sign up to receive the Dyeing To Weave studio newsletter by sending an email to

Introduction to SAORI Weaving

Learn the basics and enjoy some time at the loom to experiment with colour and texture in this 2 hour session. Discover the unique philosophy of SAORI weaving the its origins and get in touch with your innate creativity.  At the end of the session you will have created a small woven piece to take home.
No prior weaving experience is necessary and all equipment and materials are provided.

Make a SAORI scarf workshop

Immerse yourself in the beautiful freestyle creativity of Japanese SAORI weaving as you create a gorgeous, unique scarf to take home! In this 5 hour session you will learn a range of SAORI weaving techniques, understand the philosophy and history of SAORI and enjoy a longer time at the loom to experiment with colour, yarns, technique and textured creativity.

No prior weaving experience is necessary and all equipment and materials are provided. Ages 12+

All classes come with fully set-up looms, ready to go with warps threaded.  All you need to do is bring along your enthusiasm for this easy, freestyle creativity!

Join us for a fantastic session at one of the following workshops and events:

Discover SAORI Weaving – Artober Event  artober-a-journey-to-creativity-logo
Sunday 9th October
2pm – 4pm
Dyeing To Weave studio, Clunes
$40, includes materials

Visit the Dyeing To Weave studio in Clunes and discover the beautiful Japanese freestyle art of SAORI weaving. SAORI weaving encourages free form textile creativity without fear of mistakes. Enjoy creating with colour, texture, different yarns and experimentation in this easy & unique freestyle form of textiles suitable for all ages.

Join passionate SAORI Artist, Prue Simmons – one of only 3 accredited SAORI teachers in Australia, to delve into the gorgeous world of SAORI weaving, learn more about the unique story and philosophy being this zen style of textiles.

In this 2-hour workshop you will learn basic weaving techniques and immerse yourself in this meditative form of creativity to produce a placemat or table runner to take home.

Limited places available, so book early to avoid disappointment! Call Prue on 0499 700 991 or email to book your place at the loom.

Meet the llamas at Castlemaine Show!
Saturday 29th October
Camp Reserve, Castlemaine VIC

Come and meet Wildfire the Llama at the Castlemaine Show.  Learn more about these charismatic creatures, get up close and get a llama hug (they are the BEST huggers!) and learn more about their fantastic fibre.  Discover the art of SAORI weaving to make beautiful cloth out of llama fibre.

Make a SAORI Scarf workshop

Monday 31st October
Taman Damai Country Retreat, Bittern
$150, includes catered lunch

Learn the beautiful and easy art of SAORI weaving to create a gorgeous scarf. Immerse yourself in the freestyle creativity of SAORI, discover the unique philosophy behind the craft and enjoy a fun day of creativity at the loom. All materials are supplied and looms are warped up and ready to go – just bring your enthusiasm and an open mind for freestyle creativity!

No previous weaving experience is required. Places strictly limited – book now to avoid disappointment. Call Prue on 0499 700 991 or email to book your place at the loom.

SAORI Weaving Advanced Techniques & Warping
Friday 18th November
10am – 5pm
Dyeing To Weave studio, Clunes

Develop your SAORI weaving skills further and learn how to make your own warps for your SAORI loom in this intensive 1-day workshop. The Introduction to SAORI weaving or SAORI scarf workshop is a prerequisite for this class. Places are strictly limited.

To book your place in one of these sessions, email Prue: or call 0499 700 991.


Private Home Workshops

What better way to do a SAORI weaving class and enjoy the benefits and joy of weaving than with your best buddies, closest girlfriends or craft group?!  Learning SAORI and making your own unique textiles is twice the fun when you are enjoying it alongside friends or family. Workshops are limited to 5 people and all equipment, yarns and tuition is included in the session.

Just get your four fave friends together, find a space that will accommodate the 5 of you on the looms (a large living room, carport, garage, garden etc) and get in touch to find out dates that are available.

Fantastic discounts are available for the host of the workshop too.

Great for Birthdays, Hen’s Days or just a fun get-together with your closest friends. Also good for craft groups, community groups and clubs for a fun, social activity with a twist!

For more information and prices, drop me a line at:

Private home Saori weaving workshop

Private Group Sessions at White Stone Farm Studio

Get a group together and get a discount on your workshop session at the White Stone Farm Studio.  Meet the llamas and free-range chooks and enjoy a day of weaving amongst the beautiful landscape of the ancient volcanic plain of the Central Highlands in Victoria.

Group sessions are limited to 5 people, so you can enjoy weaving in an exclusive session with your closest friends!

Group sessions at the White Stone Farm studio are available seasonally throughout the year. Contact Prue via the form below for more details, prices and available session times at the studio.

Yuki the llama at White Stone Farm


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  1. Karla Fitzpatrick

    Hello Prue

    It was so lovely running into you at Seven Sisters Festival last weekend 🙂

    I am very interested to explore the possibility of you holding a weaving workshop for my “hens” event…. I would be looking at something in September. I envisage a workshop where a group of my family and friends can have a go at weaving/spinning etc and make something small to take home with us. And as you suggested – champagne as well!!

    What would work best? If a group comes to you or do you have capacity to come to Melbourne with your equipment?

    I will give you a buzz in the next couple of weeks to discuss.

    I had a look at the websites you wrote down for me and Whitestone Farm looks gorgeous. I think you can make a difference to the world through your being there! Your approach to the environment and animal welfare is inspiring 🙂

    Talk soon, Karla

    Tel: 0433 254 344

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