Saori for self discovery

Saori weaving is fantastic for self discovery, quiet meditation, creative outlet and exploration of colours, textures and tones.  Saori weaving is Intuitive Weaving. After learning just the pure basics, the weaver is free to explore and find their own style.

With its philosophy of unbound creativity – ‘no rules’ and hence no fear of mistakes, the weaver can start immediately on their creative path, trying different techniques, working with a myriad of colours and yarns and enjoying the freedom of freestyle weaving.

Saori weaving is often like painting, the loom becomes the brush and the threads provide the palette of colours and textures.


Saori weaving allows us to discover our true selves and express our individual creativity.

Saori weaving taps into the person’s kansei – the inner workings of the soul and spirit that provide an intuitive sense of beauty existing inside of us – allowing the freedom for creativity that we often rarely get to express.

Saori pink shuttle medium (600x338)

Misao Jo, the founder of Saori weaving, was a visionary in freestyle textiles in Japan in the 1960’s.  Frustrated with the strict procedure and lack of individuality in traditional Japanese arts such as ikebana, Misao Jo wanted to develop a craft that celebrated and showcased her inner kansei. Carrying this philosophy and with the assistance of her son to build a loom, the simplistic beauty of Saori weaving was born.

We shall weave without restriction or restraint, weaving any way we like. It is a great pleasure to weaving in this way, in possession of our true selves. In a sense, Saori weaving is a reflection of the changes of our lifestyle, as each woven cloth has its own life.  Each weaving can capture the present moment that we never can take back. A weaving can capture the thoughts and feelings that we have at that time. We can even wear the woven fabric…

Misao Jo

 Do you want to tap into your inner kansei and explore creativity through the Saori loom? Get in touch to find out more about classes and events at the studio.

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