Studio opens in Clunes

Dyeing to Weave is very excited to have a studio space right in the centre of Clunes in Central Victoria!  The studio is part of an artistic collaboration, bringing together a talented pastels artist (Ann Jeffree), a creator of gorgeous handspun yarns and knitted goodies (Janine Wilson) and my Saori weaving and natural dye, to establish a new hub of creativity, skills and artistry called Sketched, Spun & Warped. (Yes, I’m the Warped one!).

The studio is located in the former library building, which is owned by Hepburn Shire Council, who are graciously offering the building as part of the Empty Spaces Initiative.  Empty Spaces aims to revitalise buildings that are currently for sale or rent without tenants and offer them up to people who want to incubate an idea in such a space at minimal cost.  This gives artists and those without the capital who want to try an idea a space, revitalises vacant areas and helps to promote the sale-ability of the building.  It’s a win-win-win situation!

The building is big and bright and perfect for workshops in our arts and a myriad of others.  We will run classes and studio session in sketching, spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, Life Drawing, crochet, natural dye and many other crafty skills.  It is also a place that local artists can display and sell their amazing work, giving local craftspeople a place to showcase their talent and help to earn income.

We will be working with other local businesses, accommodation providers and local eateries for cross promotion and products, bringing lots of different people into the town, as well as providing a different space for people to enjoy amongst the many bookshops, giftshops and cafes in town.

Prue at Sketched, Spun & Warped studio in Clunes

This is an exciting time.  For new passions and pursuits.  To take up new opportunities and take my Saori weaving studio and teaching up a notch.  So, if you’re headed for Clunes, look out for the Sketched, Spun & Warped studio in the main street.  Drop in and do a weaving workshop or say hello and learn more about this fantastic and beautiful craft! We’re located at 53 Fraser Street, Clunes and open Thurs – Sun from 10am – 4pm.



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