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Each SAORI loom is handcrafted in Japan and lovingly assembled at the Dyeing To Weave SAORI Studio.  Fantastic, flexible payment plans are available! Click on the picture for full details on each loom and what you get included with your loom.

All SAORI looms are available to purchase with a very flexible payment plan – where YOU get to decide how much and how long to pay! Simply pay a $400 deposit and then you can arrange to pay off the remaining amount over your selected time frame.  Once your loom is paid off, it is ready to pick up from the Dyeing To Weave SAORI Studio or can be shipped to you (at extra cost). Contact Prue on for more details.

The WX60 SAORI loomThe WX60 SAORI loom from Dyeing To Weave

The WX60 is made from Japanese cherry wood, handcrafted in Japan by just a handful of people at SAORI. Beautiful yet portable, the WX60 folds up to save space at any time.

The Piccolo 40 SAORI loom

The Piccolo 40 SAORI loom from Dyeing To Weave

Functional and very lightweight, the Piccolo 40 SAORI loom is perfect to take your weaving wherever you go! Great for small children and adults alike, the aluminium frame is very light but super strong.

The CH60 SAORI loomThe CH60 SAORI loom from Dyeing To Weave

The CH60 SAORI loom is perfect if you don’t need to fold your loom away. The CH60 is made with Japanese cherry wood, with easy waist-height access to the warp roller.

For all loom inquiries or to order your loom, please contact Prue on 0499 700 991 or email


Please note: Australian buyers only.

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