A sad farewell for Misao Jo

It is with such great sadness that we farewell Misao Jo, the amazing founder of SAORI weaving. Misao-sensei passed on 10th Jan at 11:30, peacefully in bed and surrounded by her family, only a couple of months shy of her 105th birthday.

I feel truly honoured to have met her and spent time with her and feel so incredibly privileged to be able to carry on her passion and philosophy through my SAORI teachings and studio. I am so glad that Elara was able to meet her too and to be present in this amazing woman’s energy.  2 old souls connected that day.

Misao Jo was an amazing woman of strength, vision and inspiration that has enabled tens of thousands of people to find their inner creative spirit through freestyle SAORI weaving.  As Kenzo Jo, Misao’s son and the President of the SAORI organisation wrote: “Misao founded SAORI weaving then she was 57.  She dedicated the rest of her life to sharing her philosophy with as many people as possible through doing workshops, writing books and making speeches. SAORI Weaving has now been welcomed in more than 50 countries, and there are more than 100 thousand SAORI Weavers in the world. Misao Jo had been a spiritual support or an indispensable core for all of us.  She was even more than that, because she was SAORI itself. ” 

Thank you Misao-sensei – your teachings changed my life and I feel so lucky to be able to carry on your wonderful work by introducing people to SAORI weaving.

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