Gypsy Weaver

Gypsy WeaverSAORI Artist Gypsy Weaver (Cathy Tobin)

Cathy Tobin

SAORI Weaving Artist

Gypsy Weaver (Cathy Tobin) is a travelling SAORI artist, creating beautiful wearable art as she explores the open road of Australia by caravan with her husband and two dogs.  Finding inspiration in the picturesque countryside, the beautiful palettes of nature and freedom of adventure, Gypsy Weaver creates unique, exquisite hand-woven clothing as she travels.

Many of the yarns used by Gypsy Weaver are her own hand-dyed, hand-spun wool or are treasures found during her travels. Each design is woven on a SAORI loom, the seams are lovingly and painstakingly hand-stitched and each clothing pattern is a freestyle design, shaped by the individual character of the cloth. Every garment tells its own story about the landscape of Australia.

SAORI Piccolo loom in the Australian landscape

A creative all of her life, Gypsy Weaver has been spinning her own wool for over 25 years as well as pursuing dyeing, knitting and crochet and found her passion when studying Art Therapy after a busy nursing career.  SAORI weaving brings together her love of freestyle creativity, freedom of expression and textile crafts.

“When given freedom to create, art is an expression. I love that SAORI weaving has no rules and whatever you do is perfect. I can express my true self and I’m always happiest when making something.” Gypsy Weaver

Follow Gypsy Weaver’s adventures and discover more about her work at her upcoming exhibition:

Landscapes of my Soul
– a woven journey across Australia –SAORI woven jacket by Gypsy Weaver

3rd – 19th November 2017

The Warehouse
36 Fraser Street, Clunes VIC

Discover the vast talent in freestyle clothing design and hear how YOU can easily make garments at home from your weaving.

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